Instructional Design Education Initiative

A focus group was formed to assess the needs of instructional designers and determine how to effectively address these issues. Selected members participated in an Instructional Design Survey based upon the Five Principles for Enacting Equity by Design from the USC Center for Urban Education. Members met to discuss survey results which surfaced equity issues that online students encounter, including a lack of
access to technology, a lack of accessible school facilities, the presence of microaggressions,and a lack of modeling. The focus group suggested the following strategies to effectively
address equity issues: assist in identifying/assessing barriers to success and pairing with appropriate resources; provide high-touch support and encouragement as needed; provide
Open Education Resources (OER), which are essential when designing for adult learners with limited access to school resources; provide more course access thru mobile technology; and the offering of grants and financial aid opportunities. In addition, the focus group is examining how instructional designers can reach broader audiences and be more inclusive by incorporating creative solutions when addressing equity issues in course design. Data collected
from the survey and meetings will inform the equity work group rubric and contribute to the development of a “Good Practices for Instructional Designers” list.




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